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Gliu v1.6 – Enjoy The Creativity


Free Download Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity v1.6 – ThemeForest | Gliu v1.6 – Enjoy The Creativity is developed by Burnhambox on ThemeForest. Gliu WordPress Theme A creative blog theme for WordPress should promise a unique experience for visitors. And you, as the blog owner, should feel that on your request, this theme was created for you alone. This is what Gliu is doing.

Gliu v1.6 - Enjoy The Creativity

Gliu v1.6 – Enjoy The Creativity Free Download

Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity We’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen a slider like this! After preloading your slides, it appears with a great animation decorated with some different shaped, colored and sized icons (we call them sparkles). And in each move, these sparkles animate randomly. You can change the number of sparkles as you wish.

As you may realized, you can use gifs in Gliu slider which makes your blog look even better. Your gif files must be at 260×260px to look nice in the slider. But how are you going to edit a gif file, right? Luckily, there’s a great service for editing gifs: https://ezgif.com/ It’s totally free to use.


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