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Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit v1.0


Free Download Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit v1.0 – CodeCanyon | Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit v1.0 is developed by stonelabindia on CodeCanyon. Animated Screens with a different type of UI component; this kit can save time to code all the Front End Layout and make it easy to use with your code.

The main thing is that it supports both Android and ios platforms. Adding to Flutter’s collection development is faster than native and device performance is as great as that of native developers. Using Live Cryptocurrency APIs, trading and selling APIs, Live Crypto News APIs, and Live Trading pairs APIs in Crypto Trade & Wallet App.

Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit v1.0

Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit v1.0 Free Download

Crypto Trade & wallet Flutter UI kit Download the code for the VS. Install frameworks for a flutter. Unzip and open the Crypto Trade File in VS Software. Go to the file pubsec.yaml and collect data. Develop software. Get your system performance.

Clean Codes and UI With Magic Animations Clean Design Smooth Animations in every screen Responsive Design for all Screen Devices Easy to Custom Layout Live Cryptocurrency Prices API Live Cryptocurrency Coins Details Live Stock Details using APIS Live APIS Trading Pair with Details Live Buy / Sell Details Wallet System & Trade Wallet Animated Charts Transfer / Buy / Sell Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Charts.



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