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Music Band v17 – Ionic 3 – Full Application


Free Download Music Band – Ionic 3 – Full Application v17 – CodeCanyon | Music Band v17 – Ionic 3 – Full Application is developed by appseed on CodeCanyon. For any form of MUSIC BAND and ARTIST, Music Band Ionic is a complete request. It is fully functional and can be basically programmed without any coding.

It’s a well-structured, well-organized and fully-functional app that comes with all the features required for each music band’s needs. An all-new traditional in one application. Best practices, proven techniques and experienced architecture of software are packed with a well-crafted design.

Music Band v17 - Ionic 3 - Full Application

Music Band v17 – Ionic 3 – Full Application Free Download

Music Band – Ionic 3 – Full Application There are 2 models of the Music Band software in this delivery. Ionic 1.x is based on one version and Ionic 3.x is based on the other. Help us improve this app in a meaningful way. Suggest the next function that you want to see introduced. We take really serious suggestions.

There is no need to mess with any complex coding since it is all you need to slightly change a single configuration file. Just by specifying the streaming URL and loving the automated set-up which keeps it simple, making Live Radio work like a charm. In the same direction, by using that particular file, all the features of the Music Band Ionic are configured in the same way.



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