Spectra v2.5.0 - Music Theme for WordPress

Free Download Spectra - Music Theme for WordPress v2.5.0 - ThemeForest | Spectra v2.5.0 - Music Theme for WordPress is developed by rascals on ThemeForest. the framework of WordPress music theme built specifically for artists, groups, DJs, producers, and other creative people.

Spectra was created using AJAX–now you can be sure that while browsing the site, music will not stop playing. Visual Composer comes with the theme to manage your content easily. Spectra is certainly for you if you're looking for creative, sleek and clean development...
Spectra v2.5.0 - Music Theme for WordPress

Spectra v2.5.0 - Music Theme for WordPress Free Download

Spectra - Music Theme for WordPress AJAX or Asynchronous Javascript and XML is a web development technique that enables a web page to communicate with a server without reloading the page. It makes playing music amazing! When you select a track to play, you know, then click a link to another page and the music stops? Not Spectra.

Browse multiple pages and keep the music in the background that acts as an overlay that allows users to play, pause, FFW, etc. and need not reload with page content, it's slick, quick and easy to use across multiple device types. The theme works by ajax HTML from your server and replacing the loaded HTML content of a container element on your page. Using pushState, it then changes the latest client URL. This leads to a quicker page. No tools of the website (JS, CSS) are re-used or re-used.

Scamp Music Player is the industry standard music player for a highly responsive model that scales to match any computer automatically, offers lightning-fast load times while staying lightweight. For complete SoundCloud API support, you can connect tracks directly to it, load content dynamically to the player playlist, and include funky track coverage. It also includes a unique feature for each track to display individual covers. Each song can have its own cover image in the playlist. You can even add special links to the existing playback via HTML and load dynamic content on the fly without interruption.
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